Digital Seeds is our emblematic education program which aims to improve the quality of primary education in the areas where we operate. This program has been developed in coordination with the Ministry of Education of Nicaragua, the University of Pennsylvania, sister companies of the group and other partners in the industry related to our activity.

Digital Seeds is a program that strengthens the capacities and knowledge of teachers and students, integrating technology through a solid methodology developed with the University of Pennsylvania. It places an emphasis on strengthening reading, writing and mathematics skills.

This model also promotes investment in school infrastructure and the involvement of parents and the community.

In 2014, Digital Seeds will be implemented in a total of 10 schools in the coffee-growing communities of Nicaragua, directly benefiting more than 3,000 students and more than 130 teachers.

Furthermore, the program is now supporting, monitoring and training seven more schools. These schools will be fully integrated to Digital Seeds in upcoming years and will benefit a total of 6,000 students.

This year, Digital Seeds has a monitoring and evaluation system for each of our sponsored schools. This has been built in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania, in accordance with the needs and objectives of the program.

Due to its innovative nature, Digital Seeds has been recognized by the University of Pennsylvania as an unprecedented model in Latin America.

Some of our major results are:

    • More than 3,000 beneficiary families.
    • More than 6,000 beneficiary students.
    • 93% of students remaining in school.
    • 90% passing rate.
    • More than 500 teachers trained.

Exceptional achievements of the students:

  • Reading and mathematics problem-solving levels above the national average.
  • Two of the top five students in the country in reading ability.
  • First place in national speech contest.
  • First place in mathematics contest.
  • First place in spanish contest.
  • Full scholarship for a student to Earth University in Costa Rica.