Mercon Nicaragua

CISA Exportadora



Our operation in Nicaragua is led by CISA Exportadora, the largest coffee export company in the country. We began operations in 1952 and today we have a 35% market share. We have four commercial offices in Jinotega, Matagalpa, Jinotepe and Ocotal, six purchasing agencies and three coffee mills, as well as a network of more than one hundred buying stations that are activated during the harvest season. In addition, we actively participate in the differentiated and premium quality markets.

CISA Exportadora has ISO 9001:2008 certification for purchasing, processing and export. This world-class certification demonstrates our capacity to improve the quality of our products and services. This allows us to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective and ongoing improvement of the processes.

Contact information

Jorge Eslaquit, Commercial Manager for POA Clients
Federico Arguello, Commercial Manager for ORO Clients
Mario Hurtado, Agricultural Division Manager
John Gardina, Sales & Marketing Manager Central America

Managua Office
Avenida Jean Paul Genie
Edificio ProCredit, 3er piso
Managua, Nicaragua
PBX:+ 505 2255-9200
Fax: + 505 2249-0547

San Carlos Mill
Km 120 ½ Carretera Sébaco – Matagalpa
Matagalpa, Nicaragua
PBX:+ 505 2255-9200 / +505 2775-4508

Matagalpa Office
Del Ficohsa Bank, 2c. al este
Matagalpa, Nicaragua
PBX:+ 505 2255-9200 / +505 2772-3100

Ocotal Office
Del Cuerpo de Bomberos de Ocotal 300 mts al norte.
Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua
PBX:+ 505 2255-9200/ +505 2732-2061

Jinotega Office
Contiguo a Gasolinera Esso Apanás
Jinotega, Nicaragua
PBX:+ 505 2255-9200/ +505 2782-2464