Conventional Coffees

Strictly High Grown Coffee (SHG)

Our strictly high grown coffee is characterized by a medium-size bean, very compact, yet heavy. The coffee has a circular shape and a deep blue-green color. Once roasted, it yields a deep brown color with a very corrugated surface and a uniform roast.

Cup characteristics: Well-pronounced aroma and body. A very fine and clean cup that is exceptionally exquisite. Persistent aroma and acidity.

High Grown Coffee (HG)

Our High Grown (HG) coffee is a larger elongated bean. The color ranges from a light blue-green to a dark blue-green. Once roasted, it is a deep brown bean with a very corrugated surface. The roasting is uniform.

Cup characteristics: Very pronounced aroma and body. Noble qualities are well-manifested. The taste is fine and clean. The aroma, body and acidity are moderately persistent.

Stock-lot Coffee

Our stock-lot coffee is processed to the most exacting standards. We offer different types of stock-lots in accordance with customer needs. Please contact us for more information.

Differentiated Coffees

Strictly High Grown Coffee (SHG)

We offer premium types such as quality grade, and coffees from the Marcala and Ocotepeque regions.