Mercon Europe

Our representative office in Barcelona handles our sales in the European markets and certain African countries. Since it began operations in 2004, our trading team has developed extensive relationships with the roasting industry in European countries.

Agile trading is the key to effective service. This has enabled us to develop long-term supply agreements that allow us to support medium to small-scale clients with strategic inventories ready for delivery.

The relationship with our clients extends to market analysis and information. In a fast-paced market, we strive to understand our clients’ needs and respond with timely information and recommendations.

We provide products and solutions to our clients in all segments of the coffee industry, always striving to be the best and most valuable link for our clients in the coffee supply chain.

Contact information

Ian Smaldon, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing

Calle Bailen, 3, 3a-2a
Barcelona, España
Tel.: +34-932-656-956