Robusta production in Nicaragua: Improving the livelihood of coffee producers

This month, the IFC held a Global Agribusiness Conference in Amsterdam where it invited investors and private companies whose supply chains rely on smallholder farmers. The conference focused on practical solutions to the challenges of building smallholder professionalism and closing yield gaps between commercial operations and smallholder farmers.

Leonardo Morales, our CFO, was a guest speaker at the conference and spoke about Robusta coffee production in Nicaragua and how it is improving the livelihoods of the coffee community of Nueva Guinea in the south Caribbean coast of the country.

Leonardo shared how the Mercon Group is committed to improving the livelihoods of coffee producers by offering a series of services ranging from a sustainable production program, renewal of coffee plantations, technical assistance, certifications, financing, market information, among others. He also elaborated on the positive impact of Robusta in the region including the improvement of economic conditions, health systems, education and local infrastructure.