Making coffee plantations cleaner and safer

Making coffee plantations cleaner and safer for coffee producers and the community is very important to us.

We have partnered with the Nicaraguan Association of Agrichemicals (ANIFODA) to establish a free collaboration program, to train local coffee producers in the correct use and handling of phytosanitary products, and the disposal of empty containers of agrochemicals. This program aims to raise awareness on the dangers of these kinds of waste and promote environmental conservation.

With this agreement, we will benefit over 4,000 coffee producers in the northern regions of Nicaragua, who will receive training on the responsible use of agrichemicals, correct usage of protection equipment, safe manipulation of empty container, among others. Through this alliance, ANIFODA will also place special collection bins in local communities to properly handle and recycle empty containers of agrochemicals.
At Mercon, we are continuously working to improve the quality of life of coffee communities and this is another step towards that direction.

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