Danilo Marenco Sr.
Owner of the Monimbo Farm

Monimbo Coffee, from our Premium Estates to Starbucks Reserve.

We are proud to share that Monimbo, a member of our Premium Estates, has been selected by Starbucks as one of their special reserves.  Starbucks Reserve coffees, are limited editions of the most exceptional coffees Starbucks has to offer.

The word Monimbo comes from the Nahuatl indigenous language which means “close to the water”. The Monimbo farm is located in the northern region of Nicaragua in Matagalpa at an altitude of 1,350 meters above sea level. The Marenco family, has owned the farm for 35 years, since then, they have gain recognition for their visionary coffee farming. The Marenco family is known for their commitment to education and the protection of the environment in their community. They are active donors of the Nicarao School working in collaboration with Seeds for Progress Foundation.

The Monimbo cup is balanced and sweet with notes of brown sugar, apricot and chocolate.

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Image: Danilo Marenco Sr, Owner of the Monimbo Farm