Mercon Coffee Group and Caffè Nero sponsor water project in Jinotega

More than 600 children from five schools in the coffee communities of La Parranda, El Paraíso, Las Nubes and La Esmeralda in Jinotega have access to drinking water and a sanitation system thanks to the support of CISA Exportadora, a company of Mercon Coffee Group and the European style coffee house brand, Caffè Nero.

Before this project, the access to drinking water was a challenge for the community and the schools because of the lack of water treatment systems and safe water storage. Now, thanks to this newly implemented storage and distribution system the children from the schools have access to fresh water at any time.

The project covered the installation of water storage and distribution tanks to supply drinking water to the schools through a gravity flow water system. This project was possible thanks to an investment of U$ 24,150.

“CISA Exportadora, a company of Mercon Coffee Group, is committed to improving the quality of education in the coffee growing communities of Nicaragua. Thanks to our alliance with Caffè Nero, we implemented a project of great social impact through Seeds for Progress Foundation, an organization that has been working with CISA Exportadora for 15 years in the coffee-growing regions” explained Luis Alberto Chamorro, Origins Director of Mercon.

The project will be handed over to the schools, who will receive training on the efficient use of water, as well as for the maintenance of the facilities. Mercon and Caffè Nero thanked the involvement of the Ministry of Education through the directors of the schools benefited by this project.

Caffè Nero supports the LIFT program in the coffee communities of Jinotega, Nicaragua

Caffè Nero has been collaborating for the past year with LIFT, a program of Mercon Coffee Group that helps small producers to increase productivity in an environmentally conscious manner. The main component of this initiative is to provide technical assistance to coffee producers through CISA Exportadora. In La Esmeralda, 71 small coffee growers participate in LIFT.