Robusta plantations

Digranisa is an agricultural company devoted to the production of Robusta coffee in Nicaragua. Our first Robusta plantation, La Esperancita, started opertaions in 2005. Currently we are operating two farms, La Esperancita and San Antonio.

In addition to the production of Robusta coffee (its major activity), Digranisa is also responsible for producing Robusta coffee plants to sell to smallholder coffee growers in the area of Nueva Guinea in the South Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAS) as well as training these producers to use the proper techniques for the development of the Robusta coffee crop in Nicaragua.

Robusta Coffee production has proven to be very beneficial for the local economy due to its high productivity and low production cost. Moreover, it has also shown an increasing economic potential for farmers in the region of Nueva Guinea.

  • La Esperancita Farm: This farm has a total area of 82.8 acres including 57.54 acres of Robusta coffee plantation. This is the first farm where Robusta coffee was planted in Nicaragua.
  • San Antonio Farm: This is currently the largest farm that Digranisa owns with a total area of 1209 acres, out of which we expect to plant 864 acres.

Additionally, we have also invested in roads, offices, camps and the infrastructure needed for the production of Robusta coffee seedlings through cloning methods.

Contact information

Mario Hurtado, Agricultural Division Manager

Avenida Jean Paul Genie
Edificio ProCredit, 3er piso
Managua, Nicaragua
PBX:+ 505 2255-9200