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The Coffee Cherry Co.


Mercon’s commitment to the sustainability of the coffee industry fostered strategic partnerships to found CF Global Holdings Inc. CF Global is a company which specializes in the manufacturing of Coffee Cherry, a new sustainable ingredient in beverages (better than cascara!) and foods derived from coffee cherries. This product comes from the process of turning the unvalued coffee cherry pulp cast off in the harvest of coffee beans into nutritious and tasty powders, flakes and rough chop (like cascara). Using an all-natural, water-based process, Coffee Cherry’s patent-pending production methods meet or exceed global food safety and quality standards.

Coffee Cherry promises to have a positive social, environmental and economic impact in the world. With this product, we offer consumers a flavorful beverage base, as a hot or cold tea (cascara), cold brewed, blended with roasted & ground coffee or added to nutrition drinks, that is packed with antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients.

In Baking & Snacks and Chocolate, Coffee Cherry and Coffee Cherry Flour provide a healthier option in comparison to other alternate flours in the market with more fiber than wheat, is high in protein, gluten free and rich in antioxidants. For producers, this product represents an additional revenue stream, because they will get a return over a product that was thought of as waste. Aside from the multiple benefits to the consumer and the producer, it will also have a significant positive impact over the environment and provide a more sustainable method for food production.


 Innovation. Flavor. Nutrition. Sustainability.