About us

We offer the highest quality products to the world. Our commitment to ongoing improvement makes us an efficient and highly reliable team. Our philosophy is to honor our commitments; therefore, we develop relationships that benefit everyone, from growers to roasters. We add value to the product, providing an advantage to our clients, communities and the people involved.

Our strong presence throughout the coffee production chain, as well as our strategic locations on three continents, makes us a solid stakeholder in this industry, offering world-class coffee export and import services to more than forty countries.

We are located in Miami, Barcelona and Ho Chi Minh City, from which we direct our commercial operations to offer our products to the largest roasters in the world. We have export companies in Nicaragua, Honduras, GuatemalaVietnam and Brazil, where we process and sell Robusta and Arabica coffee. We ensure that our clients receive an excellent quality coffee bean in an efficient and timely fashion.

Our experience in trading, marketing, logistics and risk management enable us to generate financial results, which guarantee a strong group, better quality of life for our associates and competitive returns for shareholders. Our network of contacts around the world and our active participation in both the New York and London Coffee Futures Exchanges give us access to timely market information that is unsurpassed in the industry.

Mercon is a member of the US National Coffee Association (NCA) and of the US Green Coffee Association (GCA).